New Blog = Free Giveaway!!

Hi there!  Welcome to my new blog…a place for finding inspiration and photography insight as well as information regarding Raindancer Studios promotions and workshops.  Also, it will most definitely be a place of free giveaways!! 🙂  It will not, however, be a place to find photos from every session.  Why?  Well, I already blog and post photos from each session on Facebook at (which you can access even if you aren’t a FB user!) AND because I am also a passionate homeschooling mom of my beautiful six year old little girl, Kylie.  My time is precious and limited!  🙂  So, this is going to be more of an information and inspiration site with photos included, but not for the purpose of showing off my fav’s from every session!  If you want to join the journey, feel free to subscribe by entering your email in the subscription box (on the right side of the page) or signing up for RSS Feeds!

Never heard of Raindancer Studios?  Wondering why my business is named Raindancer Studios?   Read my “About” link on this blog for more juicy details about my husband’s accident and how this business has been one of the biggest blessings to me and my family.

Now, onto the good stuff…my first free giveaway!  My dear friend, Andrea Moberly, owns Knits & Knots, a business where she makes “custom, handmade, unique” items!!  She is an amazing stay-at-home mom of 3 kiddos and is located here in Indianapolis!  I have several items from her that I have used for photography props, and more on the way soon!  Knits & Knots is a great local business to order creative baby shower gifts and cute hats for your whole family!  She does great quality work and is very talented!  Check out her work at!

Knits & Knots and I will be giving away this hat (size 3-6 months) based on a random selection from the comments made on this page.  The contest winner will be announced this Friday, March 11th at 9am!


To enter the contest, please do the following…
1. “Like” my Facebook page at

2. “Like” Knits & Knots Facebook page at

3. Share this giveaway info on your Facebook status with links to our FB pages.  Here’s an example: “@RaindancerStudios is giving away a free hat from @KnitsandKnots in celebration of her new blog!  Check out her blog to enter the contest at”

4. Post a comment here on this blog with some love for Raindancer Studios and Knits & Knots along with your name & email address in case you are the winner!

Thanks for stopping in and journeying with me as I adventure through the land of photography!  Be sure to sign up for future blog notifications filled with inspiration and information!  Even if you don’t have a need for a little girls hat, please share this info with your friends and feel free to post about it on Facebook! 🙂 There will be a different giveaway from another vendor coming up in another 2 weeks!


15 comments on “New Blog = Free Giveaway!!

  1. Just spread the word! Love the new blog! 🙂

  2. Stacie says:

    Hi friend! I love that you are having a blog with all the wonderful pictures you will be taking in the future. I love to check out your pictures on facebook, but am even more pumped that email will notify when you post something on here. I don’t always check out facebook. 🙂 So yay!

    Love you,
    Stacie 🙂

  3. Alyssa says:

    love love love your photos!! And i love this little hat. A friend of mine just found out she was having a girl and we were just talking about these hats…. love it! I modeled for Rachel Richard for a flower hairpiece – thats where i seen this post. Great photos!!!!

  4. Hannah C says:

    Woo-hoo! Congratulations on your new blog. I love so many of the pictures you’ve taken–inspiring me to want to grab my camera and learn how to use it better! I’d like to come to a workshop sometime when I have the right type of camera… The hat is adorable and I happen to know a couple of people having baby girls soon.

  5. Bethany Brindle says:

    Jill I’m super excited to see what kind of stuff you are going to post on here. I love your work and cannot wait to learn more from you on Saturday!!

  6. Alison says:

    Very exciting! Both of you ladies are amazingly creative and gifted at what you do. Love to see you working together!

  7. Myah says:

    I love YOU, my friend (and I miss you)… I love the little hat and I love the business God has blessed you with. Sending you big hugs! 🙂

  8. Love the new blog! I enjoy your work as well! Have an awesome day! 🙂

  9. Courtney says:

    Just shared on my personal page and my business page! 🙂 Thank you! Love your work, would love to send you some headband goodies, if you are interested!

  10. Courtney says:

    I don’t see my first comment! I shared on my personal and business pages! Thank you! Love your work! I would love to send you some headband goodies if you are interested!

  11. You girls do great work! Jill + Andrea = The BEST! 😉 Check out their incredible talent, people!

  12. Kim Park says:

    I’m very excited about your new blog. I love your photos! I’m also so excited to have a little one now to buy fun things for her to wear from Knits and Knots. 🙂

  13. Mrs. Berger says:

    Happened upon this site through Andrea on facebook. I love photography pages so I will add you to my list. Andrea was one of my friends from Purdue and even though I don’t see her anymore, I enjoy seeing the beautiful things she creates too!

  14. M. Markley says:

    Happened upon this and Andrea’s blog from a friend from church. I look forward to seeing more of both your work and Andrea’s.

  15. ANNA MAY says:

    I’m really hoping to win i know several little girls that would love to be little owlets.

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