Learning to use that fancy camera is fun!! Next class…April 9th

I am teaching my 3rd DSLR class this year on April 9th!  It will be held at the Central Library downtown. Here’s a few reviews from a couple who have taken the class before…

“The class was sooo helpful.  It was the hands on version of reading the manual!  The handbook was a great take away to help remember all the info as we continue to use and get to know our camera and how it was designed to be used.” -Mandy Hills

“Jill made learning about my camera a lot of fun! I used to shoot in automatic mode all the time but now I’m shooting in Manual!” -Aaron Lerch

I thought I’d show you what I look like when I teach my classes (DSLR & Photo Composition.)  Why?  Well, because I think it’s important to make it fun, and I do that by making a fool of myself!! 🙂  I know some of you have blackmail shots that you haven’t sent me yet!!  Lol.  I’m missing the pics of me jumping! These photos were taken by people in the class.

Teaching shutter speed. It's ok. You can laugh at me too! 🙂



Blowing a pinwheel. Too bad for you that you can see my facial expressions. Out of breath. Laughing. And having fun!

Talking with my hands during our round table conversations!! 🙂

Taken at the Photo Composition Class I taught. Yep, that's me on the floor pushing the class to explore the element of perspective! 🙂

Here’s a few photos taken by students while practicing the skills I taught them…

The art of using aperture on a fancy DSLR camera...FUN!!!

The class in action practicing new skills!

Practicing angles and aperture! 🙂

Utilizing aperture skills to create more depth plus using the element of line! Photo taken during photo composition class using skills from both classes!

I love using dominos to teach how to use aperture priority! Playing with aperture is my FAVORITE thing!!!

I hope you enjoyed a little snapshot of my photography class happenings!  Please email me (Jill Reid) at raindancerstudios@gmail.com for more details.  There’s only a few spots left in the DSLR class on April 9th.  Don’t wait to register!!

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2 comments on “Learning to use that fancy camera is fun!! Next class…April 9th

  1. […] Thanks for journeying with me!  If you are someone who wants to learn how to better use your camera, please check out my blog entry on the upcoming DSLR Camera Class that I’m teaching on April 9th: https://raindancerstudios.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/learning-to-use-that-fancy-camera-is-fun-next-clas…. […]

  2. Myah says:

    Wish I was closer!

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