My Favorite Photography Forums/Blogs

Happy Tuesday!   Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite photography forums/blogs.  I tend to be someone who typically only follows blogs if there is an email subscription option available.  [Hence the reason my blog offers it. :)] Also, so far I’ve only subscribed to free forums.  So the following are ones that you can sign up to have them come to your emails with tips…for free!! 🙂  If you know of any different ones that you are willing to share with myself and others, please leave a comment here on the blog!  I’d love to explore some new ones, and I’m sure other photog friends would too!!  If you are someone who does subscribe to a forum that costs and you think it is good, I’d be interested in hearing about it.  I’m hesitant to commit financially unless I’ve heard it’s worth it!

Here’s my list for you to check out:

Digital Photography School- (top fav!)

Picture Correct Photography Tips- (top fav!)

I Heart Faces-

Inspire Me Baby-

Clickin Moms-

Beyond the Shot



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