We are ALL in process!

I believe it takes a village of people to raise a child well.  I believe the same philosophy is true with photography.  We need each other.  It takes a willingness to learn and grow from others.  This is why I love my photo club so much.  We are all wanting to grow and be inspired.  We are all eager to learn from each other and encourage each other.   We know and accept that we are all in process!  (Thanks girls!!  I love you all!!)  Today, I encourage you to allow yourself to BE in process and be willing to grow with others, even if your thing isn’t photography!! 🙂

At my photo club this past Monday one of the girls presented us with a photo challenge.  She had us take photos of her fence with different perspectives.  The most amazing thing happened.  The aperture faded it so much that part of the fence looks as though it is “missing.”  I experimented with some creative editing on my pics.  Here’s a few I thought I’d share…

Isn't it cool how the fence fades and looks non-existent? Aperture at f/1.8 🙂

Thanks for journeying with me!  If you are someone who wants to learn how to better use your camera, please check out my blog entry on the upcoming DSLR Camera Class that I’m teaching on April 9th: https://raindancerstudios.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/learning-to-use-that-fancy-camera-is-fun-next-class-april-9th/.


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