My Photography and Painting Intertwined

Liz & James...preparing for a precious little one

So, I bet some of you didn’t know that I paint too! 🙂   Surprise!  Here’s my first detailed painting since the accident.  It’s been about 3 years since I’ve painted anything like this.  Wow.  Time flies.  The last time I painted anything detailed, I was in Louisiana doing a wall mural for a good friend.  As my passion for photography has increased, my time to paint has decreased. I thought I’d share a couple maternity pics with the painting in it. It’s really fun to be able to share both my painting and photography intertwined together! 🙂

Years ago my husband’s sister, Liz, asked if I’d do a wall mural when she had a baby.  We changed it to a canvas so they would always have it and it could be moved if they ever switched rooms around or moved.  I gave it to her this past Sunday.  They wanted it up when I did maternity photos and also so the room was more “complete” for the baby shower since I hosted it at their house!

I have moved into the realm of expressionistic painting in the past 3 years, so this painting really pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone.  A comfort zone I once functioned in.  It brought me back to my first artistic love…painting.  It forced me to make time to paint since I was giving it as a gift.  I matched 5 sets of animals to the Noah’s Ark lamp they have for the nursery- the giraffe, lions, elephants, monkeys, and alligators.  I especially love the sparkly rainbow! 🙂  Here’s a couple more photos…


cute! 🙂


up close pic!


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