5 Tips for Photographing Kiddos


Now that's what I call fun!! 🙂

After Brynn ate her cake, she preceded to walk/crawl around the kitchen leaving trails. Mom was so chill and relaxed about it and because of it, I was able to capture her cute cake butt in the air as she crawled around! 🙂

Now this is fun too! 🙂 Brynn even peed on the wall & floor during her session and Mom was laid back about it. We had a great laugh and it made the session quite hilarious!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing kids, especially when the parents are cool with letting me do my thing and don’t keep telling their kids to say cheese! 🙂  I’m beginning to get more comfortable with actually taking the kids away from Mom and Dad for a few minutes to help them relax and have a little fun with me!  I love how every situation is so unique and different.  No kid is the same!  Some kids I’ve had to sing with, dance and be silly, or find things for them to explore, like dirt, dandelions, water, etc.

The best photos of kids happen when they are allowed to be themselves, are free to explore, and have fun.  So, here’s Tuesday’s Tip for photographing kiddos. Actually, here’s 5 tips for you while taking photos of kiddos. 🙂

1. Relax.  I’m going to say that again…RELAX!!! 🙂  Kids know when you are stressed or anxious and it rubs off on them!  Give yourself time and space if you really want to capture the essence of who they are!  Don’t try to get the perfect picture in 5 minutes worth of time.  Really, don’t try to force a particular photo in any amount of time.  Lead kids to it after they’ve warmed up and been given the space to not feel pressure.

2. Let them explore and have fun.  In other words, leave them alone for a bit.  Don’t make them pose all the time.  Follow their lead and be a photo journalist!  Don’t force them to look at the camera and say cheese for every shot!  I know it’s hard to get out of that habit and it’s ok to sometimes do that, but you are missing out on  seeing emotion and the beauty within.  If you want a kiddo to be smiling or laughing, then do something funny instead- tickle them, dance, make faces, tell a joke, play peek a boo.  Do whatever it takes!  Heck, even buy a lens pet for your camera if you photograph lots of kids!!  I just got an owl and fish one!! 🙂  Can’t wait to use them!!!

3. Let them be silly (even if you are trying for a photo that is more serious!)  You may actually like the silly ones AND it makes the process fun even if you don’t print that photo on your Christmas card. 🙂  Be sure to let their personalities show!!

4. Let them wear something that is comfortable, but cute.  Dressy photos makes everyone feel uptight and like you can’t move the wrong way.  It makes people more tense and it’s really hard to relax.  Kids will behave better if they feel comfortable and relaxed.  Dress clothes on kids typically means don’t get dirty and this is not a time for being silly or having too much fun.  Well then you might have grumpy kids or kids who just don’t want their photos taken.  (Now, of course this isn’t always the case for ALL kids.  I’m just advocating that you consider making the environment has comfortable as possible.)

5. Rediscover your inner child and play with them while taking photos.  Get into their world.  Take a step back from picture taking, play a little more, then take another pic!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a few tips for photographing kiddos!  As a bonus, if you want a few tips on posing, read this: http://www.soulographer.com/whats-the-deal-about-posing/.  I read it this past week and thought I’d share it with you!


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