Kylie Reid’s Photography

isnt this cool? i have no idea what it is but its something that is blurred. 🙂

So my daughter, Kylie, is an aspiring photographer.  She asked if she could post a few pics on my blog.  Hope you don’t mind!  Give a kid a camera and watch what they do.  Kylie will get down on the ground and capture the most unique things.  She finds beauty in the simple things and approaches photography with such freedom.  I LOVE watching her in action!

something else blurred. both of the blurry shots remind me of paintings!!

our fireplace on Christmas

practicing portrait photography with her babies!! 🙂 too cute!


2 comments on “Kylie Reid’s Photography

  1. Myah says:

    my girls LOVE taking pictures too!

  2. Ruthie Christian says:

    Kylie, you are a great photographer. Love your photos. Keep posting some of your photos when you can. Thanks for sharing.

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