Photographing Anna’s Birth

Anna's Grand Entrance!

I had the honor of photographing my sister’s delivery…the arrival of my newest niece.  Ok, ok.  She’s actually my sister-n-law, but over the past 11 years of looking alike and getting mistaken for being blood related, I’ve decided to claim her!  She’s more like a sister anyways.  I was so honored (and excited!!!!) that her and James wanted me to photograph Anna’s birth.  One of the most beautiful moments I will never forget.  I have to be honest, I might actually remember more details than I do of Kylie’s birth.  It’s why I believe birth photography is so amazing.  Someone else can capture and document all the details for you to remember later.  I SO wish I had photos like these documenting Kylie’s birth.  I am a bit envious. 🙂  You know, usually you are lucky if you get a nurse to take a family photo of everyone smiling.  This is actually documenting the emotion, the anguish, the joy, and the beauty of the interactions in the room.  I absolutely loved recording every sweet little thing…from Mommy holding her for the first time to first kisses to holding hands to praying as a family for the first time to first attempts at nursing.  It was one of the most precious moments.  One that kinda takes your breath away for a little while as you soak in how good God really is and the miracle of childbirth.

I must recall some of the memories from yesterday…even if just for future purposes.  Liz went so fast with this delivery.  Around 4:15am something clicked and the contractions she had felt the day before turned into the really hard ones.  They were instantly pretty close to each other.  By the the time she got to the hospital, her water broke and she was working her way beyond 6cm and quickly got to 8cm.  I got a phone call from her mom at 6:35am.  I freaked just a little wondering why they hadn’t called me yet.  I called and reached James.  He said it just happened so quickly and to try to come.  I wasn’t sure if I’d make it in time, but I arrived a few minutes after 7am.  I believe it was about 7:13 or 7:15 when I arrived in the delivery room.  A few pushes later after only about 40 mins of pushing, baby Anna made her grand entrance at 7:23a.m.  WOW…I made it just in time!  Well, I might have driven 75mph in 45mph construction zones on 465, but I can’t remember. 🙂  All I know is I made it in record time. Lol.

Anyways, I don’t want to share all the details, but what I will say is that birth photography is absolutely amazing!  I had tears in my eyes and was shaking as she pushed her final push!  What an adrenaline rush!  What a breathtaking experience!  What a precious memory!  What an amazing Easter!  As we celebrate Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection as well as the holy spirit being left behind for us to create new life in us.  So as we celebrated Jesus’ life and death yesterday, we also got to celebrate the miracle of life here on earth, too.  Words simply won’t do.  I can’t formulate them right now, but I find the symbolism to be simply beautiful.  I am reminded of God’s goodness.  An Easter morning I will never forget.

Feel free to see more photos here.

5 pounds 13 ounces- 20 inches born at 7:23a.m.


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