Want decent prints? Don’t print at a retail store. Instead…

Today’s Tip for you is to stop printing at a retail store. 🙂  If you plan to put the photos in a frame, try printing professional quality prints instead.  If you haven’t ever printed at a professional printing company before you wouldn’t understand, but if you try it once you will see the difference.  I encourage you to do this especially if you pay to have a professional photographer, like me, take your photos and you buy the cd.  Please please please don’t print them at Walgreens.  It’s my least favorite of all places to print at.  They add green hues to black and white pics and darken photos overall.  The coloration at places like that is not good and it’s not as true to the real colors.  This is why a lot of photographers won’t sell a cd of photos.  They don’t want their clients printing crappy photos. 🙂  I still offer a cd option, but I always highly encourage clients who buy a cd option to buy prints from a pro lab.  Obviously, those places are fine for just a quick print here or there or to throw in an album, but not if you want it to be viewed on display as art.

So, instead….PRINT AT WWW.MPIX.COM!!! 🙂

Mpix a pro quality print lab that is accessible to anyone.  Many labs require you to be a pro with a business, but this one doesn’t.  AND the print prices are so incredibly reasonable.  You would be silly to not check it out!!

I read a great article this week that I wanted to share with you.  The photographer actually printed the same photo at different places to show the difference.  Check it out!  http://www.wendylwhitephotography.com/info/?p=481%2F

Hope this tip has been helpful for you!!


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