Will You See The Invisible Girl?

I want to invite you to join my daughter, Kylie, and I as we seek to “see” the invisible girls in India, to value them as worthy, and to save them from injustice- from murder at birth and from being discriminated against.  I am honored today to share a little piece of my heart with you…and a piece of my daughter’s heart, too.

The Invisible Girl Project (IGP) exists to help people see the invisible girl.  In India, over 50 million girls and women are “invisible”–they are missing from India’s population.  Other girls and women are not recognized or given the value that they deserve in Indian culture.  Please check out their website to see what they are doing to combat this injustice- http://www.invisiblegirlproject.org/. Below are a few of my favorite pics of the girls in India (only pics not taken by me.)  Their beauty shines.  They are worth fighting for.

I invite you to the following:

1. Join Kylie’s Invisible Girl Club!  She has a jar and is collecting money.  She started her club after a few people donated.  I think it’s a great idea and would love if you’d encourage her giving heart!!!  IGP is currently trying to collect 50 million pennies to represent each girl in India that is missing.  If you join her club by donating, you can get an IGP bracelet just like hers!  You can mail donations to us or drop them off in person!  Please email me at raindancerstudios@gmail.com to arrange a way to donate.  If you’d like a pink or gray bracelet after donating, please let me know!

2. Come to the Invisible Girl Project (IGP) Event coming up on June 30th at Champps (Keystone at the Crossing) at 6:30pm.  There will be stories shared by those who have visited India, information regarding the mission and work of this organization, and a great silent auction to raise money for the girls.  There will also be Indian items for purchase as well.  All proceeds benefit IGP’s field partners in India, who bring rescue and restoration to little girls in India, who are otherwise not valued by their society.  Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased online at http://www.invisiblegirlproject.org/.  Tickets are $20 at the door.  (FYI-I will be donating a private lesson for you to bid on!! Yay!)  My hubby and I hope to see you there!  Come celebrate the girls with us and claim their worth!

3. Get involved in other ways.  The website gives more information regarding how to get involved from sponsoring girls..to sending girls to college…to providing clean water…to making monetary donations…to buying Saree dolls.  Kylie loves her Saree doll (see pics below!)  She named her Nalani-an Indian name.  They are made by women in India and cost $35.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to join with us in supporting IGP!  I have a huge heart for this organization- for their mission and for the girls in India.  RD and I are advocates of protecting little girls specifically.  We always have been.  And it’s even more dear to me because IGP was started by a very good friend of mine.  Jill & her husband, Brad, are heroes in my eyes as they advocate for the voiceless.  They have both lived and served in India as they worked towards letting the light bleed into the darkness.  I hope you will join their efforts in rescuing the invisible girls in India!  Did you know that $15 in India is enough food for a girl for a whole month?  Every penny counts and goes much further than it does here in America.  Look around your house…got any loose change?


2 comments on “Will You See The Invisible Girl?

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  2. ceseeber says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if you could let me know where Kylie got her Saree doll. I would love to buy one for my daughter I’m adopting from India. Thanks!

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