How to Critique A Photo

If you want to get better at taking photos, you need to learn how to critique a photo!  Pull out a few of your own photos and ask the following questions.  Look at some photos taken by other people online and practice this skill.

Here’s a few of my pics to practice on:

-What do you immediately feel when you look at the photo?
-Is it an emotional shot, a shot that tells a story, or one that makes a statement?
-What would you improve if you shot this picture?

-What is the focal point or center of interest of the photograph?  Flip the photo around to see.
-Does the ‘Rule of Thirds’ apply?
-Are only the important parts included or did the photographer include wasted parts that should have been cropped out?

Artistic Elements
-What elements of photography are used? (framing? line? color? symmetry?  balance?  simplify? space? texture? depth of field? perspective?)

-How does the background add or distract from the message of the photo?
-How is depth of field represented?

Technical Aspects
-Are the subjects sharp and in focus?
-Is the photo exposed correctly?
-What type of light was used?  Artificial or natural?
-Which direction is the light coming from (front lit, back lit, open shade, side light?)

Here’s a couple resources regarding critiquing photographs…Enjoy!
Online video of critiquing someones photo:

Online article and sample critiques:


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