Upcoming Class in St. John, IN on July 15th

Raindancer Studios is excited to announce a 5 hour DSLR/Photo Composition combo class in St. John, IN!  My Aunt and 2 other friends have been asking me to do a class for a year now, so I’ve decided to do a discounted combo class in their honor while I am in town for a wedding.  It may be the one and only class I teach up there since my client base is in Indianapolis and I only travel to NW Indiana a few times a year. 🙂

My style of teaching includes a variety of learning techniques including visual, auditory, and most importantly hands-on learning.  We will read the handbook I’ve created, look at examples, and practice new material through hands-on activities.  As a trained school teacher, I believe you will best understand the material if you learn it in multiple ways.  I always provide guided and independent practice of the skills taught during my classes.

If you live in the region please spread the word by sharing a link to this page with your friends.  I need at least 5 participants to run this class!  Please see details below and feel free to email me (Jill) with any questions at raindancerstudios@gmail.com!  If you are new to my blog, feel free to follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/raindancerstudios or check out my website at http://www.raindancerstudios.com!  Thank you!

*Feel free to click on flyer below for larger view. 🙂

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5 comments on “Upcoming Class in St. John, IN on July 15th

  1. Myah says:

    This is a tease!! I thought you were holding your next class at The St. John house! 🙂

    • kelly dykstra says:

      i am definately interested! i am scheduled to work that day but i am going to work on switching some things around if possible. i am a friend of your sister’s. my name is kelly dykstra. how do i know for sure if this class is happening? my e mail is caralynmae@yahoo.com if you can send me any additional info. the class sounds great!

  2. claudia reyes says:

    I am definately interested if it is possible. Please fill me in. 🙂 It sounds like a great opportunity! Thanks. 🙂

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