What to Wear!

Do you feel stressed when it comes to picking out your outfits for a photo session?  Ever wonder what to wear for your photo session?  I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a long time.  So here’s just a few tips of what works well!!

1. Coordinate instead of matching!!  That’s the biggest tip I have to making a photo really good.  Choose 1-2 outfits (typically one of the girls) that you LOVE.  Usually it’s easier to pick out the girls clothes first!  (I tend to pick out my daughters clothes first, however, last year I picked out mine first and coordinated the rest of the family around me because my color shirt contrasted well with the fall trees!)  Sometimes it even helps for Mom to find the outfit she feels good in first…then coordinate the other outfits.  However, you can choose the males shirt first, too, if you like a plaid pattern!  Then coordinate the other outfits with it.  Don’t have too many people wearing patterns that could clash with each other.  You can instead choose 1 patterned outfit and coordinate with it.

2. Don’t be afraid of color!! Try to get away from all white shirts.  Find color schemes instead.  Or let one person be a little splash of color in the mix.  I would recommend only letting one person wear white! 🙂

3. Think about the colors at the location you are going to.  Find contrasting colors to wear that will make the photo look nice.  If you don’t know what colors contrast, look at a color wheel and find colors that are opposite of each other. Try to stand out from the surroundings, not blend with them!

4. Girls…in the summer, wear a dress or skirt!  Something comfy yet cute!  A dress length and style appropriate for sitting and moving around easily, like knee length!

5. Steer clear of wearing red or bright orange.  It tints everything that color.  And steer clear of wearing too much green for outdoor pics.  There’s already a lot of green from the grass and trees!

6. Add layers of clothing with little jackets or sweaters when it’s cool out.  Add hats to spice up a couple pics…even boots!

7. Vests, ties, and hats make for really cute little boy pics!  Dresses, tutus, hairbands or flower clips, and pettiskirts make for cute girl pics.  Also, don’t be afraid to let them have some fun and “dress up” in their favorite costume.  Add a cape or small detail to the pic!  Let their age and childlike innocence shine through the pics!

8.  Sometimes it is really cute to match kiddos of the same gender!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips today!!  Now go set a date for your next photo session!! 🙂


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