Upcoming Classes in 2011!!!

Come learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering, proper exposure, focus modes, shooting in the 4 main modes including manual, proper camera care, what to look for in a lens and more!

DSLR Manual Mode Refresher Class (2 hours)- $60 (Beginner/Intermediate Level)
Do you understand some of the modes on your camera, but still feel uncomfortable shooting fully in manual mode?  This class is for you!  The first hour is a review of the exposure triangle and the 3 elements that work together while shooting in manual mode.   The second hour is for extended practice, trouble shooting, and asking any lingering questions from the DSLR Camera Class.   There will be a combination of guided practice and independent practice to help you feel more comfortable shooting in manual mode.

Class date and time: August 27th 9-11am

Location: Indianapolis

Come learn the rules & elements of photography as well as some tips for positioning people in photos!

Photo Composition & Basic Posing Class (4 hours)- $110 (Beginner/Intermediate Level)
Want to know what makes a photo visually pleasing to the human eye?  There are photography elements and rules that work together to make a photo good.  Here’s your opportunity to study and critique photographs, practice using the elements of composition, and learn some basic posing tips.  This 4 hour class will include a guided hands-on posing practice with real people.  A class handbook is provided for use during the class and at home.

Class date and time: September 24th 9am-1pm

Location: Indianapolis

Come learn how to create silouettes, sunflare, and catch lights as well as how to shoot with every lighting situation possible, including using a speedlight and lighting umbrella in low light situations!

Lighting: Natural Light Techniques & Speedlighting Class (4 hours)- $130 (Advanced Level- MUST KNOW HOW TO SHOOT IN MANUAL MODE)

Want to know how to shoot in all different types of lighting situations?  From shade to bright sun to cloudy to indoors, this class will provide a well rounded approach to understanding lighting.  This class is a great opportunity to learn front lighting, side lighting, and back lighting as well as how to use a reflector, a speedlight (external flash) and a basic light stand with umbrella.   By the end of this class you will know how to “find the light” that is best for portrait photography and why.  You will learn how to create sunflares, silouettes, and catchlights and overcome difficult lighting situations.  This class will be a combination of natural light photography and speedlighting.  An external flash is highly encouraged for this hands-on class, however, it is not mandatory.   A class handbook is provided for use during the class and at home.

Class date and time: November 5th 9am-1pm

Location: Indianapolis


TO REGISTER: EMAIL JILL AT raindancerstudios@gmail.com!!


Stay Tuned for Classes in Winter 2012 (Great Christmas gift idea!  Gift certificates available!):

February- DSLR Camera Class

March- Lightroom Editing Class

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