Switching to Eneloop Batteries

This Tuesday’s Tip is for any of you who own speedlights (a.k.a. an external flash!)  I have recently switched to using Eneloop rechargeable batteries based on recommendation from another photographer who is teaching the speedlighting class I’ve been taking this past month.  So far, I love them!  They seem to recycle a bit faster and hold a full charge longer without much recycle delay in between shots.  I feel like they are a good investment.  Outside of that, I’ve been using lithium batteries, but I find that after using about 1/4 to 1/2 of the batteries charge, they get hot and need extra time to recycle.  Still much better than the regular batteries, but I’m thinking the Eneloop rechargeable option is a good investment!  Amazon sells them pretty reasonably (about $10/4 pack and $20/8 pack.)  In fact, not very much more than the lithium batteries, which I’ve been throwing away.  Just wanted to spread the word.  You might want to try them!

The benefits of the eneloop batteries:

  • Very low self-discharge rate, meaning one can charge them any time, store them until needed, and then use them.
  • Because of the previous characteristic, Sanyo sells them pre-charged, so one doesn’t have to charge them before their first use.
  • Lower internal resistance, meaning higher voltage reaching equipment that uses high currents (such as digital cameras).

Here’s a few reviews on them, if you’re interested!  You might want to search for them on Amazon, too, and read the reviews there.  Their average rating is 4.5-5 stars out of 5. Not bad! 🙂




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