My awesome new organizers!! :)

So I recently bought a few things with my birthday money to help me get a little more organized!  Yay to birthday money…and yay to new photography gadgets that organize me!! 🙂  Thought I’d share these gadgets with you in case you are in need of some cheap organization tools!!!!

I bought a Think Tank Pocket Rocket to hold all of my memory cards.  It folds up and can fit in your pocket.  I love that it’s compact and keeps them all together!  I have a habit of sticking them “somewhere” and having to hunt them down.  So this is perfect.  I only have 4 compact flash memory cards right now, but there’s room to grow.  They also make a smaller version that holds 4, but I like the opportunity to grow.  I got it at Roberts Camera store for about $12-13.  May the never-ending searching through my bags be done!!!

Also, a little extra tip for you this week.  Number your memory cards.  If you do multiple sessions close to each other or a large event, it helps to keep track of which cards you’ve used!  Also, write your name and phone number on them in case you misplace one.  If it accidentally falls out of your pocket, hopefully someone nice will call you! 🙂

Here’s my 2nd new organizer!  Battery cases!!!  I do use flash when needed, so I always have batteries with me just in case.  I have a really bad tendency to intermix used and new batteries.  This will help tremendously!!! 🙂  I had even tried labeling baggies before.  But if you look in my camera bag right now, it’s full of random batteries (like over a dozen) and I need to do a battery check on them to see if they are used or new. 🙂  Hoping this cheap organizational tool will encourage me to be better!!!  Check them out on Amazon at

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday tip.  Sorry this is a day late.  My daughter was sick yesterday and today I had news of losing a friend to cancer.  Just been busy!  Till next time…


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