Best spent $25 on photography gear

I recently invested in 2 new camera bags!  Yay to birthday money!!!  My favorite one is my new photo sessions bag- a small Lowepro Messenger bag shown above.  I carry it throughout my sessions.  It can hold 2-4 lenses, a speedlight, memory cards, etc.  It wraps nicely around my body.  It doesn’t have a ton of padding, so it’s lightweight and good for carrying throughout sessions.  It has 2 velcro (removable) dividers inside and 2 pockets for storing small things. You can buy it on Amazon for $25.  Check it out here!

I also bought a new large bag- the Lowepro Nova 200 aw.  It holds all my lenses, speedlight and 2 camera bodies. It is good for storing equipment every day and carrying back and forth places.  It has great padding.  Roberts Camera store has it for about $80.  Amazon has it for about $69.  Someone on Ebay is selling new ones for $63.  This is where I ended up getting it b/c I wanted the best deal! 🙂  You can check it out here:



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