On-Camera and Off-Camera Flash Photography

Let’s face it…natural light photography is hard to do indoors during the winter months.  Unless you are shooting babies and can do some shots close to a window, you almost have to know how to use flash.  I just recently took a Lighting class to become more knowledgeable about mixing ambient light and flash.  I don’t like when photos look overly flashy.  It’s amazing that there are ways to blend the two.  I recently purchased 2 books by Neil van Niekerk.  I bought these two books by recommendation from another photographer because they are laid out simply, give great visuals of the angles/techniques used (he shows pics of the photographer in action and the result of the photograph taken), AND he gives the settings that he used and why.  I am more of a hands-on learner, but I also am a visual learner so if I were to ever buy a photography book, it HAS to have info incredibly easily accessible and be easy to try after visually seeing it.  Note…I do not own any other photography books.  Why?  I borrow some from the library and try to read them, but they do not hold my interest and I don’t get much from them.  These 2 books are the exception for me so far. 🙂  I’m trying to read them here and there so I can continue to master the art of flash photography for the occasions when I need it.  I most definitely prefer natural light, but am not adverse to using flash when necessary.  I hope you’ve enjoyed Tuesday’s Tip!




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