Beautiful Bokeh- Part 1

Did you know that the word “bokeh” comes from a Japanese root word called “boke”?  It means fuzziness or dizziness- blur.  Bokeh describes the feel and look of the out of focus areas.  It’s the character of whatever blur is present in the background of the photo.  It is the quality, amount, and shape of blur.  There’s two distinguishable types of bokeh that I’ve seen…hard and soft!  Perfect lenses create a circle pattern of bokeh, which is a hard bokeh.  You can create this when there’s distinctive highlights coming from a light in the background (from sunlight bursting in between leaves or actual lights.)  I’ve read once that “good” bokeh has soft edges, but I tend to like the hard edge bokeh, too!  I say, “It’s ALL good!”  🙂  To get the creamy soft bokeh look, you have to position yourself really close to the object.  The closer…the creamier!  The further you are, the less blur!  You can get the creamier bokeh with a little bit of higher apertures even up to 5.6 or so.

Notice the bokeh here...the circular patterns are smaller and more distintive because my distance was further away from the baby.

Now notice the difference with the bokeh here. Same settings just moved closer to the baby! The bokeh is creamier (more distorted) and a bit larger in size.

The only way to get amazing bokeh is to have a lens that will go down to the range of 1.2-2.8.  You have to have a lens that will give you the shallow depth of field.  Prime (fixed) lenses are amazing for this!!!  I am a prime lens lover!!!  I own a Nikon 35mm 1.8, a 50mm 1.8, and a 85mm 1.8.  LOVE them!!!  When I can shoot with bokeh, I do!  I REALLY love the feel bokeh adds to a photo!  Here’s a few more of my photos with bokeh:– Blog with 100 other photos with bokeh– Blog with 7 tips for creating bokeh!

I hope you’ve enjoy this weeks tip!  Stay tuned for next week’s Tuesday Tip.  Beautiful Bokeh- Part 2…creating shaped bokeh!!! 🙂



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