Free Online Photography Classes- CreativeLIVE!!

If you are someone who wants to learn more about photography, you HAVE to check out CreativeLIVE!  It is an amazing free online classroom that hosts around 2-3 different online workshops per month.  It’s only free if you sign up for a class before it starts.  You can pay to see past workshop videos, but it’s 100% free if you register before the class starts.  Happy happy joy joy!

Here’s the great thing, you can actually start it and pause it when you need to.  I registered for the last class and started viewing it a few hours into it around the time the segments started that I was interested in.  I didn’t watch all of it.  I only followed it for a couple hours while I did other computer work. :)   I found it to be a fantastic resource!!

Tomorrow they are starting a new class on Photoshop.  It’s a 4 day class.  I SO wish I had the time to do all 4 days for free.  That would be super awesome!  Check it out at!  I

Look ahead at the calendar for future classes!  Enjoy!!


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