2 Tips for Anyone Who Buys CD’s from a Photographer

Today I have 2 tips for those of you who purchases CD’s from me or another photographer!

#1. Back up the photos on your computer and/or external hard drive.  CD’s are not 100% reliable long term.  If you want to enjoy your photos later in life, back them up!!

#2. Print at mpix.com.  Don’t print at Walgreens, Walmart, or any other place like that!  I know it’s convenient, but the quality is SOO not good.  Please do us photographers and yourself a favor, check out mpix.com.  They print professional quality prints reasonably and you don’t have to own a business to print there!!  The quality is WAY better!  All you have to do is upload your pics, place your order, and they get delivered to your door within 2-3 days.

Feel free to check out this photographers comparison of what Walmart did to the photo…https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=225467164175892&set=a.128043223918287.31462.108645359191407&type=1&theater

Happy Tuesday!!!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Raindancer Studios!!

Raindancer Studios turns 2 years old this month!  To celebrate, I have developed a new website & pricing plan!  What an amazing 2 years full of fun times photographing such awesome families!  Thank you to each of you who have allowed me into your lives to capture the joy within your family.

Check out my new website: www.raindancerstudios.com. I have worked really hard over the past few months to make it more “me!”   My goal was to clearly articulate my heart as a photographer, & I wanted colors that suited me better.  And truth be told, I hadn’t updated the photo galleries since January, so it was time to give it some attention!  I have put my heart into this new website and  business plan and so it’s with great honor that I am sharing it with you today!


As I strive to simplify in the year 2012, here are the 2 main changes for Raindancer Studios:

#1. Every session now includes a CD of high resolution digital photos AND a large print package for $400!


Because this homeschooling Momma needs to simplify so that my family can be first!  This means I will no longer sell prints.  Instead, clients will be given a print code to order their own prints from Mpix.com, a professional online printing company.  My new pricing plan is laid out on the pricing page of my website.

What are the PROS for you?

You get WAY more bang for your buck!  You get hundreds of dollars worth of prints PLUS the cd!  My CD price hasn’t changed, however, now you will get a print package ($25 code from Mpix to purchase whatever you want) that is really worth about $250-$450 of prints as well.  As shown on the website pricing page, I have listed 3 sample combinations of what can be bought with a $25 print code at Mpix.com.  Mpix.com sells professional quality prints fast and cheap!  8×10’s cost only $1.99, 5×7’s costing $.99, and 4×6’s costing $.29.  The pricing below shows what I would have charged for prints (with my previous print pricing of $80- 16×20, $25- 8×10, $15- 5×7, and $10- 4×6.)

1. (4) 8×10, (7) 5×7, (20) 4×6, (20) wallets– this amount of photos would have cost $430!
2. (1) 16×20, (1) 8×10, (4) 5×7, (7) 4×6, (8) wallets– this amount of photos would cost $250!
3. (4) 8×10, (5) 5×7, (15) 4×6, (12) wallets, (2) calendars– this amount of photos would have cost $360!

So as you can see, now you get BOTH the CD of photos with rights to all the photos AND a ton of prints ($250+ worth)!   You don’t have to choose between ordering prints or buying the CD!  You get BOTH! 🙂

#2. I’m only taking 4 sessions per month.  (So don’t wait to the last minute to book your session!)

Why?  4 reasons:

1. My top priority is my family and homeschooling my daughter!  My business needs to come after that.

2. I want extra space in my life to continue to doing pro-Bono photography work without adding more stress.

3. I want to also be able to do more photography leisurely.  My family photos are always the last to get touched and I still have a bunch of photos from 2010 that are in RAW form- totally not edited or converted into jpg.  Yikes!

4. I feel God leading me to some new ministry opportunities, and I want to have some extra space to walk into those new things.

Check out my website for more information and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!  Enjoy the day!

What to Wear Inspirations

Fall is the most popular time for family photos!  Every photographer is jam packed with clients.  We had our family photos taken, and I know that figuring out what to wear can be a little stressful!  So, in honor of fall photos, I thought I would share some “What to Wear Inspirations” with you!  Take a look at the 9 photos shown in the slideshow.  I want you to notice a few things: layers of clothing, clothing with texture (ruffles and layers in the clothing itself), 1 pattern present with all the other clothing coordinating (not matching!), and fairly simple.  Some of these outfits would work for the cool fall days and some would work for the hot fall days! 🙂

If you are getting ready to have fall photos taken, I encourage you to have 2 sets of clothing picked out in advance…one for cool days and one for warm days!  Hope you’ve enjoyed Tuesday’s Tip!

PS. You can go to https://raindancerstudios.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/what-to-wear/  to read a previous post with other tips on what to wear!

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Baby Girl Studios- Kylie’s photography tips!

Tuesday’s Tip features guest photographer Kylie Reid from Baby Girl Studios!!!  Today I was honored to have my 6 year old, Kylie, assist me with a newborn session.  Afterwards, she came home and took photos of her baby doll.  She was so cute!  Then she said she had a photography interview for us.  I expected it to take 20 seconds so I didn’t grab our good video recorder.  Instead, I grabbed my little Sony point and shoot that does video, too.  Well, her interview ended up being over 5 minutes long with 3 of her best tips for taking photos of babies.  Seriously, the cutest thing EVER!!!  Watch and enjoy her cuteness!

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24748824/Kylie%27s%20Photography%20Tips%20-%20Mobile.m4v (My computer struggles to open it in one browser, not sure why, but if you have trouble try a different browser.)

Here’s a few of the pictures she took with her own watermark.  Together we came up with Baby Girl Studios as her own photography studio name because Baby Girl is her nickname at home. 🙂  AND here’s a few photos of Kylie that I took while she was taking pictures.  I wanted to remember this forever.  Definitely one of the moments I’ll treasure forever.  A day in her life when she wanted to be like me. 🙂  It melted my heart!  Watermarks will help you differentiate whose photos are whose!  Enjoy!

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