What to Wear Inspirations

Fall is the most popular time for family photos!  Every photographer is jam packed with clients.  We had our family photos taken, and I know that figuring out what to wear can be a little stressful!  So, in honor of fall photos, I thought I would share some “What to Wear Inspirations” with you!  Take a look at the 9 photos shown in the slideshow.  I want you to notice a few things: layers of clothing, clothing with texture (ruffles and layers in the clothing itself), 1 pattern present with all the other clothing coordinating (not matching!), and fairly simple.  Some of these outfits would work for the cool fall days and some would work for the hot fall days! 🙂

If you are getting ready to have fall photos taken, I encourage you to have 2 sets of clothing picked out in advance…one for cool days and one for warm days!  Hope you’ve enjoyed Tuesday’s Tip!

PS. You can go to https://raindancerstudios.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/what-to-wear/  to read a previous post with other tips on what to wear!

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