Watch and See…Lifestyle Photography

There is nothing sweeter than life captured in the moment.  It’s why I love birth photography.  It’s why I love not having a studio.  This IS Lifestyle Photography…

Beautiful.  Pure.  Messy.  Authentic.  Life.  Caught in the act and captured forever!  Daily moments to treasure forever.  Enjoy these photos of the Espiritu Family!  Thanks, Kristi & Jeff, for being willing to go outside of the box!!

PS. I LOVE love LOVE lifestyle photography!!!  🙂


CYBER Monday- NEW deals posted for today only!!!

I decided to increase my current sale (see blog post at just to sweeten the deal a bit more!!  Those current sales are still good until tonight at midnight, however, I’m adding to it!!  These would make a great Christmas gift!!!

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Happy Cyber Monday,


Black Friday Specials on Winter Classes & Photo Sessions!!

In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I am offering 2 specials just for YOU!  These specials are available from Friday, 11/25 thru Monday, 11/28 at midnight.

Photography Classes:

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Photo Sessions:

Get $75 off your session fee (60% off) when you book a session during the month of January, February, or March!  That means you get a session for ONLY $50.  Winter sessions are ideal to celebrate the milestone of a child’s birthday, for family lifestyle photography inside your home (ask me for more details!!), for fun snowy family pictures outdoors, as well as newborn and maternity photography!  Check out the website for CD with Print Package Pricing that comes with every session!   This offer is good for the first 5 people who contact me at or 317-374-8713.

(Please note you may have to “refresh” your browser to see the updated classes page since it’s recently changed!)

Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving!!!



4 Random Tips & Resources just for you!

So some of my tips aren’t really mine, but I like to share. 🙂  I’m a sponge for other blogs and resources.  So here’s 4 few random tips/resources for you:

1. Want to know how to swap heads/faces in Photoshop?  Read this article!!

2. Looking for card templates, marketing/branding, etc?….check out this new site:  Jenny is a new photog friend in my P31 Photographers Group.

3. Are you a Lightroom Lover like me?  Check out some tutorials at  Also, I heard they will be doing a Black Friday special.  🙂

4. Are you a Black Friday shopper?  Come back to the blog on Thursday to hear about my Black Friday specials!! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Enjoy your family by letting the camera do the work!

Hey there!  Happy Tuesday!  If you are a photographer or a big hobbyist, I have an experience to share with you!  Well, I just got back from Disney at the end of last week.  Before we left my husband and I had a chat.  You see, sometimes I get a little wrapped up in being behind the camera (being artistic, getting the setting just right, etc) and then I partially experience things because I’m the one taking the pictures instead of participating in creating the moments.  I’m thankful for a husband who continues to remind me to be a part of building memories and not be consumed with just capturing them.  So for this vacation, I did the following:

-I took only 1 prime lens.

-I took my old camera body (Nikon D40) so I didn’t have to worry about my professional line camera getting damaged.  Less to think about.

-I shot in either automatic, shutter priority, or aperture priority instead of manual.  The camera was something I would pull out and grab a shot and quickly put away without thinking much.

-I shot in jpg instead of raw so that I don’t feel the pressure to edit.

I still took A LOT of pics (like 800+), but I didn’t feel obsessed with it and better yet my family didn’t feel like I was consumed by it.  I think sometimes the passion for photography can actually cause us photographers to be too focused on being the family photographer, too.  It’s not a bad thing, but we definitely need to be careful to not let it take over.  Being a part of the moment is so important for us and our families, too.  So, if you are getting ready for a trip with your family in the future, I HIGHLY encourage you to consider not letting the camera be the focus.  It’s so worth it!  I don’t regret it at all!  Still got good pics and was able to focus on experiencing things instead!!  And perhaps this is not only a lesson for vacations…perhaps it’s a good idea for family outings in general!  I actually get asked to not take my camera sometimes.  And now I sometimes choose it.   It can be really freeing and refreshing to just “be.”  Try it!  By golly, you might just like it! 🙂

Free Holiday Card Templates

Sorry I’ve been MIA. 🙂  I’ve been in Disney with my family, but I’m back now!!!  So, I thought I’d share some free holiday card templates (for use in Photoshop) with you!!! 🙂  It’s a very belated Tuesday’s Tip.  Lol!  Enjoy!