Enjoy your family by letting the camera do the work!

Hey there!  Happy Tuesday!  If you are a photographer or a big hobbyist, I have an experience to share with you!  Well, I just got back from Disney at the end of last week.  Before we left my husband and I had a chat.  You see, sometimes I get a little wrapped up in being behind the camera (being artistic, getting the setting just right, etc) and then I partially experience things because I’m the one taking the pictures instead of participating in creating the moments.  I’m thankful for a husband who continues to remind me to be a part of building memories and not be consumed with just capturing them.  So for this vacation, I did the following:

-I took only 1 prime lens.

-I took my old camera body (Nikon D40) so I didn’t have to worry about my professional line camera getting damaged.  Less to think about.

-I shot in either automatic, shutter priority, or aperture priority instead of manual.  The camera was something I would pull out and grab a shot and quickly put away without thinking much.

-I shot in jpg instead of raw so that I don’t feel the pressure to edit.

I still took A LOT of pics (like 800+), but I didn’t feel obsessed with it and better yet my family didn’t feel like I was consumed by it.  I think sometimes the passion for photography can actually cause us photographers to be too focused on being the family photographer, too.  It’s not a bad thing, but we definitely need to be careful to not let it take over.  Being a part of the moment is so important for us and our families, too.  So, if you are getting ready for a trip with your family in the future, I HIGHLY encourage you to consider not letting the camera be the focus.  It’s so worth it!  I don’t regret it at all!  Still got good pics and was able to focus on experiencing things instead!!  And perhaps this is not only a lesson for vacations…perhaps it’s a good idea for family outings in general!  I actually get asked to not take my camera sometimes.  And now I sometimes choose it.   It can be really freeing and refreshing to just “be.”  Try it!  By golly, you might just like it! 🙂


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