Check out Lemon Drop Presets for Lightroom!

Check out my first ever LR preset sampling for your viewing pleasure!  Today I am sharing with you some sample photos that I edited using “Collection One” from Lemon Drop Presets.  This particular preset pack only costs $9.99.  So far, I’m pretty pleased with this preset pack overall.  With any preset pack I purchase, I usually have a couple that I will probably never use.  For this pack, I only found one that I probably won’t use much.  It’s called “life.”  It has a lot of red in it and it’s just not my editing style, but you might like it so don’t let my opinion of it dissuade you! 🙂  Also, “autumn surprise” and “pretty me” are somewhat similar, but “autumn surprise” has a little more blacks making it slightly darker.  I like them both!  I find most of them to be unique ways of altering the coloration so I’m excited to be able to reuse them for different editing effects in the future.  For this post, I want to show you the unedited image along with the same photograph edited using each preset in the 12 pack.  Just like with any preset I ever purchase, I tend to tweak it slightly (depending on the photo and its exposure) to get it closer to my liking by altering the exposure, fill light, or brightness, if needed, and decreasing blacks when necessary or decreasing sharpness or recovery (I like babies to have a softer look so I don’t tend to go extreme with sharpening.)  I only had to tweak a few things because many of them were pretty close to my liking!  I hope to show you more preset samplings from Lemon Drop Presets in the future!  Please check out my facebook page for more photo samples using these presets!

PS. Isn’t baby Hayley precious?  I was smitten immediately! 🙂

PPS.  If you take my Lightroom class coming up in February 2012 (details on my website at, you will be able to receive a discount on Lemon Drop Presets!

SOOC- straight out of camera BEFORE editing!!

edited with 1960

edited with lincoln

edited with nero

edited with eden

edited with fashion week

edited with life

edited with innocence

edited with wiesman

edited with old school

edited with autumn surprise

edited with summer love

edited with pretty me


One comment on “Check out Lemon Drop Presets for Lightroom!

  1. Kamran says:

    Amazing work Jill! Your images are very refreshing

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