10 Things to Do With Your Photos!! (My New Years Resolution!)

Are you guilty of keeping photos on your computer harddrive and just leaving them there, like me?  SHAME on me and SHAME on you!  🙂  My 2012 New Years Resolution is to make use of my personal photos and find ways to enjoy them more!   I’m so focused on taking photos and running a business (and homeschooling…and just surviving life!) that I fail to spend much time doing much with my personal photos. 😦  MAJOR sad face.  I’ve been strategizing ideas of what to do with my photos. Here’s 10 ideas I thought I’d share with you:

1. Scrapbook– I used to do this and LOVED it, but homeschooling, photography, and disabilities in our home have limited my time. 😦  However, I’m going to make special scrapbooks here and there.  For example, I’m going to make a Disney Scrapbook!  I also make a professional photos album to mark each year.  We get photos taken every year so I pick a few photos to put in the album.  Or if you aren’t into scrapbooking…

2. Make a photo book at the end of every year!  Check out mypublisher.com or blurb.com.  I’ve personally used MyPublisher and can highly recommend them!   Register for MyPublisher or at least google “MyPublisher coupon code”…they always have coupon codes going on!  This year in January I’m going to start a new tradition of making a digital “scrapbook” from the whole year. 🙂  I’m hoping to actually go back a few years and do this, too!  I have a gift certificate to use…it’s calling my name!

3. Make new wall displays– I am currently strategizing with one of my best friends to design a layout for my wall space!  I’ll show it to you when I’m all done!  Google “photo wall displays” for lots of visual ideas.  Here’s a few other places to look:







4. Print a canvas at Canvasondemand.com– I just printed my first canvas of a photo that speaks to me.  It evokes emotion and always will.  It’s timeless.  It’s hard for me to be willing to invest the money in a canvas, but I think it’s worth it if you have a photo that you’d like to keep up for years…one that touches your heart deeply.  Be sure to register for their updates and coupons or google for coupon codes.  They always have a deal going on!

This is the photo I used on our FIRST canvas purchase!!! I LOVE it! Thank you, Lois, for capturing the heart of my husband so beautifully in this photo!

5. Use online storage to back up photos.  CD’s are not good long term storage options.  I have heard of a few people having problems with retrieving things off their cd. Here are 2 places to check out…smugmug.com and carbonite.com.

6. Make a 5×7 or 8×10 rotating photo frame that you continue to add photos to throughout the years.  That’s what my mom did with our school photos. 🙂 Then we could pull them all out and look at the growth.  OR do what I do and remove the professional photos from the frame and put them into a scrapbook or album of some sort and update it with a new photo!

7. Make a bulletin board or magnetic board of prints that you can rotate and hang it in your laundry room, kitchen, office space, hallway, living room, etc.  See a visual here: http://www.theblogisfound.com/index.cfm?postID=445

8. Hang 4×6 prints on your refrigerator with small little magnets to enjoy.  Add to it throughout the year and then at the end of the year, throw them into a photo album.  Start over again in January!

9. Make a calendar!  Take photos from your most recent professional photography session or photos throughout the year and make a calendar to enjoy.

10.  Print your photos at mpix.com!!!!!  Any way, any how.  If it means throwing them into photo albums, do it!  My daughter LOVES looks at photo books, albums, scrapbooks…it’s so worth printing!  I HIGHLY recommend printing your professional photos and all good quality photos at mpix.com.  The color and print quality is MUCH better.  Walgreens and Walmart (places like that) typically add more blacks and greens into the photos and distort the colors on a photo.  If you have paid for professional digital pics from your photographer, do yourself and them a favor and  print at mpix.com!!  It’s easy, cheap, and great quality!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog!  If you have, please share it with a friend and encourage others to use their photos, too!   If you have found any other creative ideas for displaying your photos, please share in the comment section!!

Happy photo displaying!!!!


6 comments on “10 Things to Do With Your Photos!! (My New Years Resolution!)

  1. Brooke says:

    I love these. All wonderful ideas. And now I need to decide which ones of my own photos to print.

  2. Boilerblues says:

    I take my favorites to work and put them on my computer, then set that folder as my screensaver. So I get to see alot of my favorites at work. At some point we plan on getting the AppleTV, and you can set up for the Photostream tied to Aperture to stream on the AppleTV. So we’d have a “screensaver” of photos run on our TV at home.

    We also used Photmagico to create a nice slideshow of our photos of Bryson for his 1 year birthday party. We’ll probably do that each year for his birthday, and we’ll have a DVD of the slideshow to pull out to remember (and embarrass him with future girlfriends).

    I usually try to carry a lot of my favorite photos on my phone to scroll through when I need a trip down memory lane, or want to show off to people.

    • I should have added make slideshow to the list since I just made one myself recently! And good idea about the screensaver. Looks like I have 2 more ideas for a part 2 of this blog entry. 🙂 TOTALLY a good idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Yes, slideshows are AWESOME! I should have added that to the list. 🙂 I just made one for my daughter for Christmas with photos from our Disney trip!

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