10 More Ways to Display Your Photos

10 MORE creative ways to display your photos & enjoy them more…

1. Print your photos and string them either on your wall or fireplace.  You can buy little clothespins at Hobby Lobby for about $3.  Rotate the photos whenever you feel like it!  I currently have one hanging on my own wall.  Here’s a photo of my friend’s line.

String of photos with cute little clothespins!

up close

2. Create a slideshow at the end of the year.  Create a version that can be played on the t.v. by your family over and over again!  I just made a Disney one for my daughter!! 🙂  For Windows users- http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-photo-gallery-get-started.  Mac users can create slideshows in iphoto.

3. Make a personalized screen saver!  Take your favorite photos and use them as your screen saver.  If you have appletv you can make it play on your tv throughout the day!

4.Start a Flickr account to share those photos with family and friends!

5. Print 16×20 photos boards (on 3/16″ foam core) for only $14/board at mpix.com.  Place them above your kitchen cabinets to enjoy and to spice up your kitchen with love!  These photos are in the mother’s kitchen of a client from 2010.  It’s such a creative idea!!

16x20 photo boards above kitchen cabinets

6. Make photo gifts!!  jigsaw puzzles, mugs, playing cards, calendars, etc.  Mpix.com is a great place to look!  Kids love puzzles…you can print one for their Easter basket this year! 🙂

7. Buy a digital frame to enjoy multiple photos at once.  Play it continuously.  Update it yearly!

8. Create photo stamps at www.photo.stamps.com.

9. Print & frame wallet sized photos.  Hang them with ribbon on a decorative tree to enjoy your photos in a creative way!  (I actually have a framed wallet ornament on our Christmas tree that I made with a photo from my wedding day!!)

A client's cute decorative tree with photos I took during their session!

Isn't it cute?

10. Buy a large picture frame.  Hang multiple photos inside the frame hanging on wire or twine.  Rotate the photos when you want!

Click here to read the first 10 ideas that I posted last week!  If you enjoyed this blog entry please share it with others and encourage them to do something with the photos on their hard drive!

Happy Photo Printing & Displaying!!



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