Beloved Sessions: Part 1- To love and Be loved

For the past few days I’ve been planning my first Beloved session.  It’s 3am and I’m up because as I was laying in bed I had an epiphany. (Don’t worry, I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 hence the reason I’m up now.)  I just had to get up out of bed, write down more ideas, and savor the moment.

For those of you who have not heard of Beloved, it is a new genre (or style) of photography for couples.  It is experiential based.  It’s a movement created by Jesh de Rox.

What is beloved?

-It is an invitation to deeper your relationship with your spouse…to renew passion and joy in your marriage.

-It is a fun.

-It creates moments.

-It has been claimed as “the best date ever.”

-It is a chance to remove the distractions of the world and focus on loving your spouse better.

-It draws you nearer to the heart of your spouse.

-It encourages and evokes true emotion so that your images are based on authentic expressions, not forced poses.

-It strengthens the bond that is already there and deepens the connection.

-It is a celebration of living life together.

-It is freeing.

-It is an experience that impacts the future.

-It is life changing.

-It is a gift to you…to your marriage…to your family.

-It is to love…and be loved.

Tonight as I was laying in bed I was thinking, “How am I going to explain this to Katie & Brian tomorrow? (Thanks Katie & Brian Greiwe for being my gineua pigs!!!)  How can I set the stage for them and speak in words to give them a glimpse of the vision behind Beloved.”  I started putting words to it.  And then I felt a whisper from God…Beloved is a time to love and be loved…a time to receive love.  And then my heart flipped and God reminded me of His love for me.  I have been thinking about a tattoo for a while.  It will go on my left wrist below my palm.  As I have prayed about it this past year, the word beloved has been illuminated.  God continues to remind me that I am His beloved.  It is what I want to put on my wrist.  A reminder that I am loved deeply by my Heavenly Father.  And suddenly, I began to see why I have instantly grown SOOOOOOOO passionate about offering Beloved sessions.  God has been speaking to me about it.  I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection until now, but I’m so glad I can see it clearly.

Tonight…I’m blown away.  I’m blown away by God’s ability to speak and intertwine himself into things without me even knowing.  I’m in awe of the revelation.  I’m so excited to be taking the Advanced Pro Class: The Power of Me with Brooke Snow.  She pretty much rocks!!!  I am excited to do some new things, to push myself in my business and the art of photography, and to explore who God has made me to be as a photographer.

Beloved is MOST DEFINITELY unlocking and unleashing something within me.  *dance!!*  The vision and heart of this photography movement captures my heart deeply.  I have not been this invigorated in a long time.  I’m really excited.  Not to create images…but to create moments and a lasting impact on marriages and families.  Pieces of beloved will forever be incorporated into EVERY single photo session I do with families and couples.

I promise to share more soon!  I’ll be posting a client review from the session and pics for my assignments the next 4 weeks here on the blog…AND I will be giving away a Beloved session this week!  Look at your calendars…the session will need to take place on Friday 1/27, Saturday 1/28, or Monday 1/30.  If you are available, interested or even intrigued…stay tuned for more details on Monday!!!! 🙂


2 comments on “Beloved Sessions: Part 1- To love and Be loved

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