Beloved Sneak Peek & Session Giveaway!!!!

Yesterday I shot my first beloved session with my friends, Katie & Brian.  They will share their thoughts on the session later this week, but if you look at the images, you will see they had a really great time!!  I came prepared with a list of activities and conversation starters.  None of these shots were posed.  I guided them as to where to sit and stand (for background purposes), but all emotions, expressions, and interactions were authentic.  They were never told to smile.  They were guided through experiences together focusing on the goodness in their relationship and taking time to enjoy each other.  Beloved sessions intertwine fun moments with tender moments in a beautiful way.  Please see my previous blog post if you want to know what beloved is.

Here’s a slideshow sneak peek from their session.  I included about 40 pics so you can get a good feel of what beloved looks like!

Please enter the BELOVED SESSION GIVEAWAY by doing 2 simple things.  The winner will be selected randomly by and announced tomorrow on Tuesday 1/24 at 10pm!

1.  Like me on Facebook and share the following: “Raindancer Studios is giving away a Beloved Couples Session Tuesday at 10pm. Go to to enter!”  (Please link my facebook page in your post by using the @ symbol before my business name.)

2.  Leave a comment on the blog answering these 2 questions:  What are your initial thoughts on the beloved style of photography?  What photo captivated you the most during the slideshow and why?

See below for Rules & Restrictions:

-You must be available one of the three dates listed: Friday 1/27, Saturday morning 1/28, or Monday 1/30

-You must live in Indy.

-You must be married or engaged to be married.  (If you have children, you will need to find childcare!!)  This is a couples only session.

(This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Facebook.)


8 comments on “Beloved Sneak Peek & Session Giveaway!!!!

  1. What are your initial thoughts on the beloved style of photography?
    As a beginner photographer myself, I really like the idea of the style of “beloved” photography. It seems to be just a photo shoot of a couple just being themselves, while the photographer is just present. It shows the true relationship between the two people.
    What photo captivated you the most during the slideshow and why?
    My favorite picture was the last one of them all cuddled up against the wall. I feel it shows the love they have for each other the best.

  2. Jena says:

    I think this is a lovely style of photography. We so often use photography to capture the big moments of a relationship, but this is a wonderful way to take a moment to recognize the beauty of living every day together.

    My initial favorites are the silhouettes done from a distance. I get the feeling that we’re being given a glimpse into an intimate moment between them. Beautiful!

  3. Kelly Frost says:

    I like the idea of getting a “peek” into a couple. I first saw your pics when you did the engagement pics for the Maxwells. I told my husband at that time that it was like we were a fly on the wall during their great moments. Anyhow, this beloved style reminds me of those pics.

    My favorite picture was where they were sitting against a large door and it looks like he said something that made her blush.

    BTW, Jan 31 is a Tuesday.

  4. Alison says:

    I like the intimacy of the photos and how comfortable you obviously made them feel for them to be so real in the photos. Couples don’t often take the time to just get photos of themselves without the kids. I like it!

    “I like smiling! Smiling’s my favorite!” is what I was thinking for most of the photos! I bet they laugh like that all the time! Great job capturing that part of their marriage. I liked the photo of them reading the letters. Not sure what was in them, but I bet it was a lovely moment shared b/w the two of them and it made me want to write a letter to Steve!

  5. Lydia says:

    Initial thoughts: Katie & Brian were so comfortable in the photos, and that the session seemed like a fantastic date caught on film:) What a sweet way to renew and capture love, even when not at the beginning of the relationship (ie wedding)
    Favorite was fourth from the end! Such happiness:)

  6. Joy Morris says:

    I like the focus on the relationship between the couple, not just to get a good picture. That focus shows through in all of the pictures. The only recent picture of my husband and I without kids was at a Christmas party, posed, with our lovely name tags on. I don’t think we have any pictures showing the bond and intimacy of our relationship. I really l liked the 6th picture the best. It’s a great combination of strength, peace, joy, and trust.

  7. Roxanna Stroud says:

    I love this style of photography. I can see that it is a way of bringing the couple into the present moment and into a state where they are not afraid to show their true selves and explore the connection they have. It is like they are falling in love with all over again!

    I like photo 29 of 39. It is the “captured” photo in my opinion.

  8. Cindy Johnson says:

    I’m a photographer too. I love your style in general, I especially love the photos that capture relationships. I’m more into genuine than pretty. With these beloved photos, you have managed to be both genuine and beautiful, and I love it. I think my favorite is the darkened silhouette one, I think because it is so unusual and striking. And, if we get picked, look forward to a challenge- my husband is really uncomfortable getting his picture taken 🙂

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