Brooke Snow Advanced Pro Class- Intro to Beloved

3 pics in the exact same pose using different perspectives and techniques:

3 other favorite pics:

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My thoughts:

I entered this beloved session with tremendous preparation especially since it was my first time doing a beloved session.  I had a script, which I’m not used to having, but for beloved sessions, I find it very helpful to create a purposeful order of the activities I will guide them through.  I didn’t stray from my plan, but I was happy to see Brian and Katie extend some of the invitations I gave them and make them their own.  It was super cool to see the spontaneous moments that evolved between the two of them so naturally through this approach.  At the end they said it was the most fun they’ve ever had taking photos.  It was the least stressful photography environment they’d ever encountered.  I did not exhaust my location for this session because I wanted to be more sensitive to the environment created between Brian and Katie than I did the backdrops.  It was a new location though!  We shot in about 3 different settings within the same hallway and I think it worked out really well to not hop around too much.  I also was trying to get some natural light shots and Indiana dreary weather makes that hard.  So I stuck to 2 spots that had the most light and as the clouds rolled in thicker I had to switch to flash.  I also did not love the location.  The walls where the best light came in clashed with the colors they were wearing so I had to turn most of the images black and white.  I went to this location without scouting it out fully since it’s a locked premises.  I only went blindsided because my friend could get us in and I figured I could make it work some how in some way.  I was struggling to decide between lighting (REALLY wanted natural light pics) and sacrificing color knowing I’d have to convert a lot to black and white.  I would try to scout it out first next time.  I took a total gamble.

What I enjoyed most:

-The extra preparation and intentionality beforehand made me have more ownership. My heart was more in it.

-The candid interactions between Katie and Brian…the gentleness and sweetness that shined through from both of them AND their playfulness with each other.  It was REALLY SUPER cute to watch them flirt and be silly.

-How much Brian was willing to participate.  With something like this I wondered if he would think the activities were kinda lame.  He was just as into them as Katie.  In fact, he was even more sentimental and thoughtful at times, which made me smile deep inside to see him share that part of himself with Katie.

-Watching Katie light up when Brian revealed something she didn’t know about him.  She was so touched you could see her melt before him.  She told me she almost cried.

-Capturing authentic expressions without trying to be funny.  Whew!  Took the pressure off to have a little toolbox to start from (Thanks, Brooke!)  I needed idea starters to help me.

-That I came up with at least half of the activities myself.  I know it’s probably different from the activity cards sold by Beloved’s originator, Jesh de Rox, but I had ownership in it and I loved the results.  I’m proud of myself for being brave enough to discover me…my own way of doing it. (Thank you, Brooke, for pointing this out to me.  I didn’t recognize my bravery in doing that!)  I think it is what has probably been the most impactful.  I’m not trying to fit into a box of what is…I’m exploring who I am and making this my own.  My heart is in it.

-I SOOOOO loved this type of session because I felt like I was giving a gift to them and their marriage.  Knowing them as friends and knowing some of their personal struggles, it was such a delight to see my plan executed successfully in a way that brought more love, joy, tenderness, thoughtfulness, laughter, and hope into their marriage.  It was so much more purposeful than a posed shoot.  I will most definitely intertwine the activities you shared with us, Brooke, with my own ideas into every session from now on.

-Passion is exploding within me.  I’m so excited for my 2012 sessions!!!


3 comments on “Brooke Snow Advanced Pro Class- Intro to Beloved

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  2. Wonderful images – such emotion and expression was captured. I have found Beloved to be essential regardless of what I’m shooting. I also think Brooke is an amazing teacher!

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