A Beautiful Moment of Celebration

Every now and then, I get to use my photography gifts for something so much bigger than myself.  It is in those moments that my heart melts.  My passion to serve explodes.  Love fills me to overflowing.  In those moments I feel that everything has been made right in the world…for that tiny glimpse of time.  I feel that I’m walking on sacred ground, and I don’t take it for granted.

Today, I want to honor Kristen Kelley, and family, Frank & Nick.  This past July, I took photos of Ry, the little boy they were caring for from Safe Families.  It was his 1st birthday and I wanted to make sure he had photos to have for later in life, but also for Kristen, to remember this special time together.  The Kelley’s had taken Ryan in and had him almost a year at that point.  Because he was still a part of that program, I could not post pictures of him due to privacy for him and his family.  Kristen has now granted me permission to post because as of this past Thursday, he is officially a Kelley!  They adopted him into their family and I want to celebrate!  YAY!!!  Hip hip hooray!!!  SOOOOOO happy for the Kelley’s and so proud of them for fighting for a little boy who couldn’t do so himself.  Kristen & Frank…I’m so proud to call you friends!!  Love you guys bunches!!!

Here’s a few pictures of this cutie pie and his Mommy!


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