Beloved…from the Perspective of Steve & Alison

I asked Steve & Alison to answer a few questions after their beloved experience.  I am hoping it will give you an insider perspective to this style of photography.  Thank you, Hanscoms, for sharing your insight and experience with others!!!  Here are the questions & their responses:

What surprised you the most about your beloved session?
Steve: relaxing quickly and enjoying the moment
Alison: How easy it was to become comfortable once we got over the initial awkwardness of having our pictures taken while talking to each other!
How did you feel about your spouse and your marriage during the session?
Steve: It was a good opportunity to connect and re-live some of those moments that drew us together 10 years ago.
Alison: During the breathing exercise, I realized that I am willing to let him lead me, I just don’t always seek to understand the way he is leading and I jump ahead of him.  He realized the
 need for communicating his ideas and how he plans to do something, and not just assuming I know what he is thinking.
What positive things did the session bring to your marriage?
Steve: see #2 🙂
Alison: It reminded me of the importance of really listening and making an effort in planning time together. I loved remembering!  We remembered different things, so that was fun.
How did this style of session compare to other photo sessions you have done?
Steve: It was different.  We got better pictures, unposed, more real.
Alison: It was much more personal and meaningful.  Having conversation and memories to tie to the photos.
What did you like the most about the session?
Steve: The final product and how we can relive the stories and memories when we look at them.
Alison: Laughing!  Enjoying hearing the words of affirmation and the love letters!
Do you think the session deepened your marriage or impacted your relationship beyond the session?
Steve: Yes.  The letters were very impactful in making us aware of some areas where we take each other for granted.  This will hopefully lead to some positive change in our marriage.
Alison: Yes.  We are keeping in mind our HW for a date night soon!   Like I said in #2, God spoke to me about how I don’t appreciate or fully understand and submit to his way of leading our
relationship and our family.  I want him to lead, but I don’t always give him the space to do so before I jump in with my assumptions.  I know I will be more mindful of this and ask God to
help me slow down and really seek to understand my husband.
When you see the images, what do you think and feel?
Steve: the deep love of 10 years of marriage.
Alison: cherished.  happy.  loved.  beautiful.  blessed. thankful for the gift.
If someone asked you about your beloved session, what would you say?  
Steve: It was really good.  If you do it, relax and go with the flow!  Let your guard down.
Alison: enjoy the moment!  We loved it and recommend it!  Be honest about what you are comfortable with knowing that your photos will be posted for all to see!  🙂
In one word, how would you describe beloved?
Steve: different
Alison: playful
To see more photos from their session go to and also read the previous blog entry.

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