Brooke Snow Advanced Pro Class- Beloved Session

My thoughts:

I chose to do another beloved session this week!  YAY!!!  I tweaked some things based on Brooke’s answers to my questions. (Thank you, Brooke!  You rock!!)  I definitely felt more comfortable the 2nd time around, which is always the case!!  I didn’t go into it as scripted and felt like I was even stronger with discerning the couple and which way to go.  I didn’t do all of the invites I had planned and I stayed close to one hour.  I was very sensitive to the direction I should go every step of the way.  One hour seemed to be a perfect amount of time.  I was SOOO happy to be able to shoot 100% with natural light.  We went outside for half of the session, which was awesome because I was able to use my 85mm lens and give Steve & Alison some more privacy.  Plus, I love that lens.  It makes the background like butter and it made them stand out from the background more.  I LOVED using the 85mm lens for this type of shoot.  I tried a few new invites this time and was pleased.  I love the confidence I am feeling from all the preparation before each session.  Brooke, I’m so glad you have forced me to get back to the detailed planning.  SOOO worth it!  I worked really hard on perspective, posing, and cropping for a new look this session.  I loved using the bed posts and the door frame to help frame the shots a little and give more of a feel of me hiding/spying on them in the moment.  You can see some of those pics in the slideshow link I posted below.

What I enjoyed most:

I really love this style of photography.  I feel like I’m giving a gift to the couple.  I feel like I help to create a space with a breath of fresh air for the couple…and it feels good.  It feels life giving.  It is so cool to see the beauty of true joy, laughter, and also the soft side of both people come out and into the open.  Not only is it fun, but it is a space to remember.  I loved after the session was over when Alison said, “It’s so good to remember.  We don’t take time to remember enough.”  Beloved is a wonderful experience that draws to people to remember the beauty in the other person  and to stop and soak in the goodness right in front of you…to cherish and speak love into your marriage.  So honored to do this type of session.  LOVE IT!!!!!  I also really enjoyed hearing their perspective.  I gave them 9 questions to answer after their session.  You can read the responses on the blog here.

3 photos- same pose/different perspective:

Some of my FAVORITE photos:

To see a slideshow with more photos, go to


3 comments on “Brooke Snow Advanced Pro Class- Beloved Session

  1. Jenn says:

    Wow! Looks like you are really getting the Beloved concept! The closeness and togetherness come right out in these. I love the first series of three. While similar they all give a different feel. Love it!

  2. pamela says:

    I LOVE the last image! There’s so much going on there without any identifiable person!

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