The Art of Photography- Photo Composition Class on March 3rd

Want to know what makes a photo visually pleasing to the eye?  Sign up for my upcoming The Art of Photography- Photo Composition Class on March 3rd!  You will learn the official photography elements and rules that work together to make photos better than others.  Here’s your opportunity to study and critique photographs, practice using the elements of composition, and transform your photos by incorporating the theory of lifestyle photography.  These things are not beneficial for just pro photographers but all people who like to take pictures because it will enhance your own personal family photos as well.  This class is not about camera settings (those things can be learned in my DSLR Class!)  It is about photo composition and the secret rules of making photographs that stand out.

In this class you will also learn tips on how to take better photos of kids and how to capture authentic emotion. This 4 hour class will include guided hands-on practice incorporating photography elements in photos and a closer look into capturing sweet family moments that are more expressive (and authentic) of daily life.  A class handbook is provided for use during the class and at home.  To register for this fun hands-on class, contact Jill Reid at or call 317.374.8713.

Class details: Saturday, March 3rd from 9am-1pm…$110


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