Tuesday’s Tip- Inspired by the Fabulous Brooke Snow

ABC Stylized Session- "W" is for watermelon 🙂

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!  I just finished a class with Brooke Snow Photography!  It was AHHH-Mazing!!!  It has most definitely been the catapult for searching deeper into redefining who I am.

Here’s Tuesday’s tip:  DON’T STOP LEARNING!!!  If you want to be better at something, pursue growth!  I desire to never stop learning and growing in all I do…with homeschooling, with photography, as a wife and mom, and spiritually, too.  If you are a photographer, Brooke Snow’s class was fabulous!!!  I want to take her lifestyle class some day, too. 🙂  She offers 2 other classes right now and is also collaborating with Jesh de Rox in the Beloved Movement.  Her classes are worth the money!  She’s an amazing teacher who has inspired me to really dig into redefining a new me!  If you can’t afford a class right now, follow her blog!  She shares tons of great nuggets each week for photographers.  She rocks!!

The class I took is called “Advanced Pro- The Power of YOU!”  When I signed up, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just hoped it would help me learn how to take better photos with authentic emotion.  (Actually, I think that’s what I admire about Brooke so much so that’s all I was focused on.  I kinda forgot the title of the class!  HA!)  I knew I had to do a session every week and there’d be some things to watch online, but I had no idea how incredible it would be!  It has left me saying, “WOW!”  So far, the best $350 I’ve spent.  It’s the most money I’ve spent on a class, but it was 110% worth it.  I am walking away with tons more than I anticipated.  All the extras in the toolbox rocked my world!  The handbook, the tutorials, the Q&A sessions, the photo critiques, and all the encouragement was beyond my expectations.  I have so many things on my list that I want to do and try.  Here’s a short list of the many topics we explored:


-Becoming More Confident


-Authentic Emotion

-Beloved Photography

-Business Management


-Imitation vs. Inspiration


-Discovering Who I Am As a Photographer

-Releasing Joy and Passion Into My Work

In the end, I have seen myself well up with renewed passion and vigor for 2012.  YAY…happy dance!!!   (It’s raining here in Indy, so it’s appropriate to say I’m dancing in the rain today!!)  I’m SOOO flippin’ excited about where I am at with photography right now!  I feel like I’ve officially moved beyond the technicalities of photography and running a business…and into a new creative realm that is bringing me great fulfillment and joy.  I know my sessions are forever changed!  I know “forever” is a big word, but I sincerely feel like I’m moving into who I’m created to be as a photographer.  I am not just some Joe Shmoe who snaps a smiling photograph with a fancy camera.  I am meant to help families create moments and experiences together and helps them savor the goodness of each other.  My role as a photographer and passions are being redefined.  I’m finding greater meaning and joy in this business God gave me.  I SOOO can’t wait to do more photo sessions in 2012!!

Thank you, Brooke, for an amazing class jam packed with SO much goodness.  Thank you for being so willing to share about anything and everything photography related.  Thanks for rocking my world! 🙂


Here’s the blog links to the assignments I submitted for this class.  The type of session was my choice.  I embraced it as an opportunity to explore my interest in beloved photography, lifestyle photography, and a stylized ABC session!! 🙂







3 comments on “Tuesday’s Tip- Inspired by the Fabulous Brooke Snow

  1. brooke snow says:

    Oh my sweet, Jill! You are so delightful! i’m just thrilled that you had such an amazing experience in the class! I can hardly wait to see where this journey leads you! I know you are meant to serve people with photography and you are (and will) change many lives along the way! Rock on, my friend!

  2. Vince says:

    Now I’m even more excited to start Brooke’s advanced pro class next week! Thanks for sharing!

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