Tuesday’s Tip: Morning Pages & The Artist’s Way

Now introducing…my new morning ritual.  It is SO good for the soul!  I’ve always enjoyed journaling, but this is a new way to journal that I hadn’t tried before.  It is a practice introduced by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way.  I just bought this book and it seems to be fabulous.  It opens with the idea of doing a practice called “Morning Pages.”  The idea is to write 3 pages of random thoughts and feelings every day…to release the junk in your head…to “teach the logic brain to stand aside and let the artist brain play.”  It can be fragmented thoughts, repetitive, negative, and even sound silly.  Julia Cameron says, “All that angry, whiny, petty stuff that you write down in the morning stands between you and your creativity.  Worrying about the job, laundry, the weird look someone gave you- the stuff eddies through our subconscious and muddies our days.”

In the end, the pages unblock the creativity inside and allow for inner strength to be revealed.  We all have a Censor…it is the part of our “leftover survival brain.”  It keeps us safe.  We use it for self-protection, but it hinders our ability to create and risk.  The Morning Pages is a practice of meditation that gives us insight so that we can change.  It alters our brain hemisphere, lowers stress, provides us with creative insights, and helps us to free our minds so that we can connect with our creative source.  This process helps us to discover our own identity and connect to our inner power source, which gives us power to chance and grow.  It helps us to move beyond our own criticism and our feelings of not doing enough.

I’m really excited about starting this new practice.  I find myself intertwining prayer with it constantly and allowing myself to explore whatever comes out.  I hope you find it useful, too.  Even if you don’t ever read the book, you should try doing Morning Pages!  Release your inner creativity and become more of who you were intended to be!


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