Tuesday’s Tip: If you LOVE photography, you must get…

…a photography journal to keep track of all the good stuff you learn about photography!

Happy Tuesday!  Today I highly recommend starting a photography journal to write down ideas, websites, products you like, and insight you learn from blogs or classes you take.  It’s a great way to store all the good stuff in one location.  I have learned from experience over the past 3 years and have had to recently upgrade to a new journal.   I started one years ago, but it had no organization to it and it quickly became difficult for me to find things.  Eeek!  Everything was everywhere!!  So, I bought a new cute notebook with 4 colored sections that are easily identifiable.  I use it constantly!  It’s SOOOO nice to have a go to book for all my info.  I love having this reference tool and it’s even more helpful now that I have some organization to it!  I still need to filter through my old one and add things from it into the newer one.  Maybe some day. 🙂

Here’s how I break down my 4 sections:

Blue– resources/websites/product info I want to remember

Red– new ideas that pop into my head for my business, photo sessions, location ideas, etc.  it’s my creative spot

Grey– random info & insight gathered from online and other sources

Green– class and workshop notes

If you haven’t started one…you should!  If you have any other ideas to share for organizing all that knowledge out there, please leave a comment!!!


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