Best of 2011- Clients Choice!!

Spring is here and you know what that means…photography season starts back up again!  I asked my clients to pick their favorite photos from their 2011 photo session.  I LOVE knowing which are favorites and why.  It’s so insightful for me!  Here’s the ones that were submitted.  Enjoy…and cheers to a new spring season full of beauty!!!  🙂

Love his blue eyes and how they pop in this photo!

What can I say other than we are THE DIVIDED household 🙂

We think this photo shows the love of a father...willing to give anything good to his child- just like our Heavenly Father. We have this on a canvas!!

I love how romantic this picture is. We have this on a canvas, too!

I love how precious she is in the picture with her birthday cake! We framed this one because it's so adorable!

This is my absolute favorite because of his expression and his eyes.

My favorites change all the time, but these pictures really capture her adorable little face...

...I love how I feel when I look at these 2 images. I just want to squeeze her and cherish every moment!

Authentic shot of Nolan being a boy & running around. I love how the bubble is bursting!

I love this pic because it captures Abby at this phase of her life. I will always be able to look back on these photos and remember how Abby loved to dress up and dance.

This photo reminds me of all the fun we had playing as a family during our photo session. 🙂

I love that this pic captures Carter at this stage of life. I will always remember how he loved to create things from duct tape and wear his cowboy gear!

This is the best picture EVER! I love the 1940s feel to it and the sepia tone. It is beyond what I could've imagined.

I love this one because it captures who we are just between us.

His sweet innocent face and the intensity of the green in the basket and grass made for such a memorable picture! When we look back on the photos and the photo shoot, that picture is the one that just always stands out.

We think this picture perfectly captured our daughter's playful personality and that she's a princess in the making.

This is our favorite because James read a lot to Anna while I was pregnant.

It is my favorite pic because Dylan was born the week of Valentine's Day and he wore that hat in the hospital!! He is a momma's boy!!

I would like to highlight the beautiful picture you took of Luke's coconut on Benjamin's lap- you could see both the boys hands wrapped around it.

I love the one where Keith is laying down on his stomach and cradling her and the two big boys are one his back. He is such a wonderful father.

Loved the frame idea. So simple but yet capturing for our family photo.

As self-serving as it may sound, I love this shot. It may be my all time favorite picture of myself.

I like the angle and softness of this shot. It's one of the ones I get the most compliments on.

I love this pic because she just looks so cute and it shows off her chubby cheeks!

I really like this picture because it shows the sweetness and innocence of my sweet little girl.

It’s my favorite because it really captures our family’s happiness and laughter. After the challenges and worry we’d had with Madeleine’s premature birth, we feel so blessed to have a happy, healthy family. It was a beautiful summer day, lovely setting and fun, sweet moment. Your shot captures it perfectly!

My favorite after Anna's birth is the one of the 3 of us praying. It is one of the first of the 3 of us and I love the way you captured Anna's sweet little face peeking through our heads praying.

During delivery I like the one where I am holding onto James' shirt and you can see the concentration in my face and the concern and support in his expression.

This is James' favorite photo of Anna and I.

I like the way you captured her eyes and its cool if you look really closely you can see your reflection in her eyes.

I love it because it epitomizes AJ's personality and his excitement and zest for life.

Stay tuned next week for a slideshow of MY favorites from 2011! 🙂


One comment on “Best of 2011- Clients Choice!!

  1. Deena says:

    Great job Jill !! I agree, they are all great photos !! You really know how to capture the subject , thanks for sharing …..

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