The Color of Easter

And last but not least…Resurrection!!!  Mark 16

I found the resurrection photo to be the hardest to take out of the series of 7.  If you missed the other 6 photos I posted on Good Friday look at the previous entry on my blog.  I chose for the 6 other photos to be in black and white while the resurrection photo is in color.  The contrast in itself sets this photo apart hopefully in a way that lures others into the beauty of Jesus’ resurrection and the power he has so graciously left with us.

I took several resurrection photos and had lots of random ideas rolling, but let’s face it, it’s impossible to really capture the awe and majesty of Jesus’ resurrection.  I found myself wrestling with how to portray the resurrection in a way that was symbolic religiously but also metaphorically display the joy of new life.  It was in the last inning, like the day before printing had to be done, that I remembered the dogwood tree in the yard of my in-laws.  I had just seen it a few days earlier and my mother-in-law shared the symbolism with me.  Apparently this tree is always blooming at Easter.  If you look closely you will see the cross, the curled edges that represent the nails, the red stains that represent the blood, and the center that represents the crown of thorns.  It is perfect.

Beyond the symbolism of the flower itself, flowers always draw me into the the awe of the resurrection.  Everyone loves spring because here in Indiana it means growth and new life!!!  Every spring I long for the new blooms and cherish the new life, the vibrant green grass, and a new beginning.  There is something extraordinary about the transition from winter to spring- the path from death to new life.  I love living somewhere where that transition is dramatic…causing me to really appreciate the fullness of the symbolism at Easter…and the journey of longing for new life to arise, not only around me outside but inside me as well.  I love the season of Lent…the anticipation of Easter…the anticipation of new life…surrendering myself…letting go…creating new rhythms…all for the sake of letting the holy spirit resurrect what’s dead inside me so that new life can arise.

The cross is a symbol of facing our pain.  The resurrection is a symbol of working through the pain & waking up to embrace the new life instead!  Because of the resurrection we do not have to fear and run away from pain.  We can can embrace it and let new life grow in the midst of it.

The photo above is lacking the curled edges and little white flowers that bloom in the center (one of my favorite features of the flower), but if you look below you will see a few other photos that show it’s beauty!  The flower above was captured the day after a hail storm.  The flowers pre-storm looked like this…beautifully curled edges with white flowers growing in the middle.  I almost chose one of these photos, but I REALLY loved the vibrant green of the photo above, the lighting, and how the flower was set apart.  But really…I LOVE the intricacy of the flower pre-storm.  Isn’t it a beauty?

Happy Easter!  Enjoy the day celebrating all that Jesus is!  May new life arise in you as you surrender and let him in. 🙂


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