SURPRISE! A new Website & Blog!!!

Hi Raindancer Studios friends!!  I know I’ve been away from blogging for a while.  Thanks so much for your patience!!!  I have a great surprise for you.  I’ve been busy creating a new website with a blog connected as I move forward into photography full time!!  Please go check it out at and sign up to receive email notifications to my new blogsite.  I’m so excited to have the website and blog interconnected now.  Oh, and I must also announce that I’m offering prints and digital files again…so there’s lots of options for all of you!!  I will no longer be posting on this blog.  All future blog posts will be on the new site!  The old is gone, the new is here! 🙂



PS. Right now on the blog, I just advertised for “Joy to the World” Christmas Mini Sessions at Dull Christmas Tree Farm!  For those of you Tuesday lovers…I will be starting up Tuesday’s Tip again in the near future!


Tuesday’s Tip: The Not-So-Glamorous Moments {Indianapolis Portrait Photographer}

Happy Tuesday!  Today’s tip is a tip for life overall- a quote to lean into…to soak in.  It is my heart’s desire.  Some days I live into it.  Some days I don’t do so well.  But thankfully God knows my heart…and my heart yearns for it.

For me, photography helps me to enjoy every little thing, to see beauty amidst the ashes, to dance in the rain of life.  It opens my eyes to see.  After reading Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts” I am even more convinced that giving thanks to God amidst the crap of this world is the key to joy.  God is worthy of our thanks.  The fire refines us.  Through the difficulties and hardship, He redefines us and we become whole.  My journey of seeking to dance in the rain is a beautiful ongoing journey of seeking joy in the midst of suffering and giving thanks to God because in this space I need Him.  I yearn for Him.  I realize I can’t live this life on my own strength.  Thank you Meghan Matt for profound words that ties my heart into one beautiful quote!  It’s so easy to have joy when things are good and beautiful, but the challenge to have joy and to en-joy when things are bad, ugly, and not-so-glamorous is one to seek towards.  My days are still challenging since my husband’s accident (almost 4 years ago), but my heart desires this path…the gratitude journey that births joy.


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Photography is a Window Into the Soul {Indianapolis Portrait Photographer}

Photo taken by Rachel Richard Photography 🙂

I found myself responding to someone online this morning about my passion for photography, and as I wrote the words, it was like a candle burning brighter in my soul.  Here’s what I began to write…

I continue to grow deeper in my love for photography.  I love to teach others to dance in the rain…to breathe deeply and take in the presence of God by experiencing moments of joy with other loved ones.  I want my photography to have a mission and purpose beyond a smile.  It is a window into the soul.  I want others to see the sunshine is always there; sometimes it is simply hiding behind the clouds waiting to be seen.  (Photography reminds me of this truth in my own life.)  I want my photos to help others dance in the rain that life may bring.  I want to help others see the beauty around them, within their family, and within themselves…to give them something good to hold onto in the days to come.

I’ve been thinking about doing a blogging series about myself over the next several weeks…to give you a little piece of my heart and soul.  Here’s the first entry! 🙂